Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest
? Douglas Jerrold

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When today?s companies, homeowners, public agencies, etc need an experience landscape partner, GASC is the most sought after in Dhofar Region. We are relied upon to design, build, maintain and enhance unique places of lasting beauty. We have 15 years of unparalleled knowledge, technical ability and reputation in outstanding customer service and retention, relentless execution and true understanding of customer needs.

We specialize in:

?  Landscaping Projects
?  Irrigation Projects
?  Fountains & Water features
?  Interior plants, etc.




DAPMC has been established to bring about the overall development of Banana production in the Dhofar Region and to capitalize on the potential of the area in Banana production. Established in 2007, DAPMC is managed by a result oriented multidisciplinary team of professionals. Having experts within the Board to guide the company and its tie-ups with professional agricultural groups from European countries, DAPMC had brought its own name in the field.

Currently DAPMC has tie-ups with major chain stores as well as Supermarkets and exports to 4 countries in addition to its own markets in Oman.


Other GSG Business Operations


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