?He profits most who serves best? ? Arthur F Sheldon

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Established in 2010, Business Support Services Division provides customised business support services as per client requirements. Under this Division, GSG offers business and Knowledge services to organisations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operating costs. BSS Division of GSG is comprised
of several complementary business support lines each one intensely focused on serving the needs of its target clinets with technology ? based expertise.
Our biggest differentiator is the commitment to provide


Our Major Support lines include:

1. Feasibility Studies
2. Appraisal Studies
3. Management Information System Studies
4. IT Advisory Services

Recently we introduced a special service called: SMS (Specialised Manpower Services) ?
SMS is an enhanced services to our clients where we take out the burden of specialized manpower requirements of our valued clients and support them in that domain.
Based on the client requirements, we identify the right technical person for the requirement and once approved by the client we provide them on contractual basis. This process ensures that the client gets the same professional services as required by them as if they are employing their own staff. However they do not have the pain to manage them or administer them. In short you get all the benefits devoid of all the pain. The SMS is managed by a very senior HR professional with more than 19 years of Industrial exposure thereby ensuring hardcore and high tech service to the clients.




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