?If you don't do it excellently, don't do it at all. Because if it's not excellent, it won't be

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profitable or fun, and if you're not in business for fun or profit, what are you doing there? ?
- Robert Townsend


Global Management Systems has followed one, single principle since our founding in 2007: to make a lasting difference for our clients. Our management consultants get results by working relentlessly and passionately as a global team?partnering with senior executives to create and execute innovative operational strategies that deliver top-line growth, maximum earnings, and flawless results.

We offer insights into transforming the very way your company operates. We create a competitive advantage by livi
ng and breathing your business, your operations, and your ecosystem. What does this mean? At GMS, our management consultants look at the big picture: Our focus spans your entire value network, including customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, and key stakeholders. We dig deeper and farther, beyond the obvious, with a proven combination of the latest strategic thinking, experience across a broad array of market segments, and a team of experts collaborating around the world.

GMS believes in:

?  Deliver meaningful results to our clients
?  Be the best at what we do
?  Be leaders in developing and applying significant, new concepts
?  Be a stable and profitable business
?  Be stronger as a team than we are as individuals
?  Maintain an extraordinary level of both quality and productivity
?  Maintain the highest ethics

We provide consultancy services in:

?  Quality Management Systems ? ISO 9001
?  Environmental Management systems - ISO 14001
?  Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series ?
    OHSAS 18001
?  Food Safety Management System ? ISO 22000
?  Information Security Management System ? ISO 27001
?  Education Management System ? IWA 2
?  Social Accountability ? SA 8000
?  Supply Chain Security Management Systems ? ISO 28000
    areas based on individualistic client requirements
?  HR Consultancies & HR Projects
?  Feasibility studies & Project Reports








MSI is an independent division of GSG where certification activities are being handled. We have tie-ups with various international certification agencies in the fields of Quality Management Systems, HR Certifications, Project Management, Financial Services, etc so that we can provide the most effective and genuine certifications needed for the client.

For more information contact : 93222195

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